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The Pavlova Project was created by artist & dressmaker Peggy Turchette. A “visual biography” of the life and art of the famous 20th century ballerina, Anna Pavlova (1881-1931), is told through the costumes and fashions that she wore. These have been meticulously recreated in one-quarter scale and displayed on 16” manufactured dolls.

The Pavlova Project is looking for a permanent home where it can be displayed and preserved.

Please visit the Curators Page for further information.

Viewed chronologically, the collection tells the story of this pioneering woman, from her childhood in Russia to her phenomenal rise to international fame. Anna Pavlova believed in dance as a way of uniting the people of the world across national, cultural and racial divides. Her exceptional life, her unflinching dedication to her art, and most of all her generous spirit of inclusivity still resonate with and delight us today.

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